BenNasty BenNasty 27 May

Real Life Shit

So I wrote another story today. Published it here for anyone who wants to take a look and give any feedback. A little backstory on this one. I wrote this about a man drowning in some ice cold abyss of doom but it's really a metaphor for what depression and anxiety and trauma feel like when you're just trying to breathe. Enjoy kiddies!

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BenNasty BenNasty 21 May

I Submitted A Thing

While I cannot really call it my 1st story (I have a couple of them on the site with mixed review), I can say this is the first one I've posted in a very long time. It's a reversioning of something I wrote years ago. It's the diary entries of a madman taken directly from my own nightmares. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe you'll hate it. Maybe I'll get some solid criticism and be able to publish it properly. In anycase, you can find it in the Writer's Workshop . 

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BenNasty BenNasty 19 May

2 Free Nights

Well, that was a nice break fromt he crazy! I managed to make it through Sunday and Monday nights without any fucked up dreams. Sorry for the lack of entertainment but not sorry for my subconscious deciding not to mindfuck me. I do, however, have a story for you that will hopefully bring a smile to your faces.

I have a younger brother who's about 28. He has 5 kids...all boys ages 9, 6, 4, 3, and like 10 months old. So he's unloading the dishwasher one day and he feels something poking him in the small of his back, right in the spine. He turns around to see his 3 year old holding a Steak Knife to his back and grinning. All this little shit says is "Tag, you're it" before he drops the knife and runs away laughing some creepy laugh. My brother…

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BenNasty BenNasty 16 May

3 for 3

Maybe it's time to go back to therapy...3 nightmares. 3 nights in a row. This one is more of a memory with a shitty ending.

I'm back in the Middle East. It's the middle of the night. Our base has just been shelled via mortor attack by the enemy and the number of rounds that went up didn't match the number of explosions that hit the ground. That means it's time for the Base Clearance Team (which I am on) to go looking for the dud and pray that it doesn't still go boom. 

I gear up, grab my flashlight and head out to start looking. Only my flashlight is weak. I can barely see more than a couple of feet in front of me, meaning it's going to take a hot minute to clear my section. I'm walking and walking and struggling to see anything. I stop to r…

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BenNasty BenNasty 15 May

A New Nightmare

I'm almost embarrassed to call this one a nightmare. It's not so much scary now that I'm awake and have processed it so much as it was just, I don't know, upsetting I guess? So here's the rundown...

I'm walking through this forest area that's covered in ivy. It's dawn. The ground is covered in morning dew. I see this giant Elephant wearing a tutu dancing around and around. I stop to stare at this thing and see it open up it's wings. At first I though they were fairy wings but a closer look showed them to be more like that of a beetle. So anyway, this dancing elephant/beetle clusterfuck makes eyecontact with me and starts crying. Like hysterically crying. Then it starts chasing me and screams out, "I'm sorry daddy, but you have to go now". 


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