I'm almost embarrassed to call this one a nightmare. It's not so much scary now that I'm awake and have processed it so much as it was just, I don't know, upsetting I guess? So here's the rundown...

I'm walking through this forest area that's covered in ivy. It's dawn. The ground is covered in morning dew. I see this giant Elephant wearing a tutu dancing around and around. I stop to stare at this thing and see it open up it's wings. At first I though they were fairy wings but a closer look showed them to be more like that of a beetle. So anyway, this dancing elephant/beetle clusterfuck makes eyecontact with me and starts crying. Like hysterically crying. Then it starts chasing me and screams out, "I'm sorry daddy, but you have to go now". 

I woke up right before it trampled me.


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