Three days of actually being active on the wiki, I might as well be an infant because I don't know anything about what goes on around here besides pastas. I finally want to get involved here and not just read things. And I only want to find out the answers to a few very simple questions. 

1. First off, what is VCROC what does it stand for, and what does it do. In fact if someone could tell me all about the authority around here that would be great, or just link to another blog post explaining everything

2. How do I enable chat hacks again? I can't get pings and things have changed.

3. Must all images on the wiki belong to a pasta or otherwise deleted?

4. Who are the most important people on the wiki? And do the ranking systems on our profiles even do anything? 

5. And do the other sites like Trollpasta Wiki or Spinpasta Wiki belong to Cleric?

If anyone answers some of these great, if not, that's okay. I thought I had some other questions.. But I can't remember them.

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