Hello there, everyone! I made this account ages ago, but I'm only just now caring to make an introduction blog. You all my call me Marilyn, as that is my name. 

Anyway, I really want to be a help (rather than hinderance, of course) to the Creepypasta Wiki. Naturally that would mean trying to help other people with there stories, allowing others to help me with mine, editing stories that rightfully need to be edited, and so on and so forth. It would be quite wonderful to be a help. That sounded entirely redundent. Either way, I really hope I'm never found to be a hinderance to anyone, and if I am being such, feel free to state such an opinion and be kind enough to tell me why you think I'm acting like such. It would be a great gesture to everyone here, to be honest.

Now that that's out of the way, I have an idea for a Creepypasta that I think has potental, but I want some people to tell me if they think it sounds good as well. The idea involves a small family consisting of a mom, dad, and teenage daughter consistently having an odd visitor arrive on their doorstep every night for a good few nights (the number of nights is currently undecided). The visitor asks if they can come inside, never offering much of a reason each time, and the family, feeling an odd sense of dread in the presence of the visitor decide not to allow the visitor inside. Eventually, they get sick and tired of the person visiting and just decide to allow the person in. The rest is up to me because I'd much rather not give spoilers to a story that isn't even written yet. It will be much more detailed in writing (and I mean much more detailed), so that much is obvious. 

So, do you all think it's a good idea?

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