• I live in Europe
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Dong
  • CarcinoGenticist

    Leaving the wiki

    November 25, 2013 by CarcinoGenticist

    I've been debating on wether or not I should leave the wiki, and I've decided that it would be best to do so. The past month(s) have been full of shitstorms, conflicts, real life problems and the wiki just isn't the same as it was a few months ago. I feel like it would be best to just move onto another wiki, or just entirely leave wikia. I'll try my best to drop by time to time, maybe join back on the wiki at some point. There are also people that just keep targeting me and others, it would be best to not say names.It's been (sort of) fun while it lasted. So bye I guess.

    UPDATE: Instead of leaving, I have decided to shorten up the time of me being here, so yay.

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