I'm just about done with this shit.

Earlier today I saw a plethora of bullying towards a new user in chat. What did I, and many other admins, say about ganging up on a new user? IT NEEDS TO STOP. It does not matter that they are new, old, male, female, or whatever - they are PEOPLE, and they need to be treated with respect. Oftentimes the bullies will childishly blame their victims for their own actions, oftentimes claiming they "deserved it". Why did they deserve it? Because they made a shitty story? Fuck no, that is not a reason to insult, mock, and degrade people who did NOTHING outside of joining this website. We were all new once, would you like to get bullied for that? How many times have I made similar blogs like this, and NONE of you got it through your thick skulls?

No more. Next time ANYONE gangs up on a user the offenders will be 3 day banned. No appeals, no exceptions, no excuses.

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