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Cheese Lord Cheese Lord 16 October 2012


Is the wiki itself lagging? I can't access to much stuff... Imagine every molecule in your entire body spontaneously exploding at the speed of light (talk) 03:34, October 16, 2012 (UTC)

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Cheese Lord Cheese Lord 24 September 2012

Admin Reconfirmation 2: Cheese Lord

Hey, guys.

It's me, Cheese. It's come to my attention that, compared to other admins or leaders of this site, I tend to slack behind the others. I let my emotions control me too much, and I am just not even really a half-decent administrator. I take things for granted and I am immature, and somewhat tyrannical. Judging by talk about me, I'm really not worthy of being an admin at this point.

Please, just leave your honest opinions on this blog. Vote with , , or . This is not really a reconfirmation request as it is as much asking what I can do to be better.

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Cheese Lord Cheese Lord 15 September 2012

To admins

Cool it on the temporary mods please. Adding moderators and then demodding them will flood up the wiki logs and not to mention we can just use screencaps anyways.

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Cheese Lord Cheese Lord 1 September 2012


I'm just about done with this shit.

Earlier today I saw a plethora of bullying towards a new user in chat. What did I, and many other admins, say about ganging up on a new user? IT NEEDS TO STOP. It does not matter that they are new, old, male, female, or whatever - they are PEOPLE, and they need to be treated with respect. Oftentimes the bullies will childishly blame their victims for their own actions, oftentimes claiming they "deserved it". Why did they deserve it? Because they made a shitty story? Fuck no, that is not a reason to insult, mock, and degrade people who did NOTHING outside of joining this website. We were all new once, would you like to get bullied for that? How many times have I made similar blogs like this, and NONE of yo…

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Cheese Lord Cheese Lord 19 August 2012

Mindless Ranting: Volume 1 - "Power abuse"

Ever since the dawn of the internet, it's always been a common trend to single out "leaders" of every single site that your computer has to offer. What I mean by this is, administrators, moderators, and custodians of every single goddamn website on the interwebs.

All around not only do you see admins doing their best to work or help the site, but regular users, as well. The problem with this is that no one fucking appreciates it. As soon as "administrator" or "moderator" status is flagged into a user, everyone starts fucking ganging up on and berating them - using whatever excuse they come up with such as "Power abuse", being the most common.

I've always found it funny how administrators can work their asses off CONSTANTLY, and receive nothi…

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