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    Hey guys, some of you might have stumbled across Fandom's latest addition to the wiki, Discussions. When this strange new feature appeared we were unsure of how it was going to be used by our community. We've since given it some time and thought and we believe that the discussions should be moderated similarly to the wiki although off-topic posts, fan-art, and showcase style announcements, will still be allowed. We've written a list of discussions-specific rules  but they largely focus on controlling the overwhelming number of polls that were being posted there. This means that from now on there will be regulation of discussion posts in a way that is similar but not identical to how we regulate the main wiki itself.

    You'll find my post on …

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    Hey ho, me here. I wanted to revisit two of the most important tools our community has at its disposal when it comes to interacting with stories on this wikia. These are the m4r and delete now tags which flag stories for review, letting admins know that, at the very least, the story needs to be read over for mistakes. They can be used to tell admins that a story needs to be renamed, reviewed (i.e. read-over and errors fixed), or deleted.

    These tags are extremely helpful, and without them managing the wikia would be much more difficult.

    But these tags don’t just send messages to admins. They send messages to the authors, too. Sometimes that’s a pretty obvious message, something like “you’ve spelt ‘sonic’ incorrectly and accidentally copied ha…

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    So here we are.


    When you post a story to this wikia there’s a real chance someone will come along and molest it and sometimes that means changes are helpful and sometimes it means someone replaced half your story with a hardcore non-con fanfic featuring Batman and Draco Malfoy. Anyone can change anything about anyone’s story (barring a few protected entries) and this wikia has load of rules and various positions like rollback, admin, and bureaucrat to manage and police this system. The hope is that the freedom allows people to quickly and easily address painfully-obvious mistakes while our community catches vandals and erroneous edits.

    And for the most part that system works.

    Edits are overwhelmingly positive. Vandals are exceedingly ra…

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    I won’t be using my usual approach to deal with Humboldt’s story because I’d rather focus on the themes with 100% of my attention, rather than trying to haphazardly flitter between things like characters, setting, plot and mood/atmosphere. For this reason I’m going to pretty much carve straight ahead and dig into the themes and underlying motifs of this story. If you haven’t read The Gym Teacher I recommend you do because otherwise you’re just faffing about like a damned fool.

    Anyways, here we go!

    Immaturity – This is a big part of the story. We’re introduced to Danny in gym class. Here he is outpaced by older boys and berated by an adult man. The words that stick out to me here are words like chaffed, coarse, fire and lacquer. At the basest…

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    You know what really grinds my gears?

    Numerical ratings. I know that 99% of the morons who pop up and declare 0/10, or 99/10, won’t bother reading this but I still feel the need to get this off my chest.

    Let’s get the obvious out of the way. You can’t rate a story with a number. It’s stupid. I appreciate why some users might do this for contests (it makes it easier to rank the stories), or why they might include a rating with a longer review. It’s not something I agree with, and it’s not something that I think is valuable for either the critic or writer, but if the numerical rating accompanies a proper review then it’s just a benign addition. Like a solar powered vibrator it’s not very useful, but it’s also harmless. What matters is that you…

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