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  • ClericofMadness

    First and foremost, please allow me to apologize for the lateness of these results. I've had some major life changes and, while they are a large part of the delay, the fault is squarely my own. I am sorry.

    Without further ado, though, here are the results:

    In 5th Place, Dry Eye, by Kolpik.

    In 4th Place, Another Senseless Ritual, by Icydice.

    In 3rd Place, The House of White Noise, by Noctevoire.

    In 2nd Place, Silent Spring, by HopelessNightOwl.

    And finally, our winning story is Sever, by Zarinaaa!

    Thank you all for participating. See you next time!

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  • ClericofMadness

    Hey guys, Cleric here again with another episode of my creepypasta discussion podcast, this time on community quality standards. Please check it out if you'd like:

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  • ClericofMadness

    Shh... Do you hear that?

    As the seasons begin to change from spring to summer, things begin to change. Fresh winds blow, flowers bloom anew, and new songs fill the air from birds that had fled winter's chill.

    However, everything sounds...odd. Almost, empty and hush despite the rampant explosion of life.

    Hello everyone, ClericofMadness here with a new contest! For this writing challenge, I would like for you to tell a spooky tale about...


    Yes, the theme for this contest is silence. Use that creative brain of yours to weave silence into something terrifying.

    Now, this contest is called Silence for the Summer Solstice, but you do not need to set your tale during that time of year. All you need to do is have the main focus be on sileā€¦

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  • ClericofMadness

    I'm in search of two active, regular users (Read: Non-admin/non-rollback, etc.) to assist in judging a contest, about which I will post more information next week and which will end late June.

    I already have Banningk1979 as the admin judge, just need two other people to help round out the roster!

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  • ClericofMadness

    Hey folks, I just recently recorded a podcast with a friend of mine about our feelings on the upcoming Slenderman Movie and other creepypasta topics.  If that sounds like something in which you might be interested, feel free to check it out!

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