Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our newest admin, Psychobilly2422!  Though, it must be said that the term "admin" is used in a less traditional manner in this case.

Unlike a normal admin or any other position we currently have, Psychobilly2422 will be filling the role of Code Wizard, with access to our JavaScript and CSS.  Over the coming weeks, she will be helping to add new scripts, consolidate the scripts we have, and assist in redesigning major parts of the site such as the long-overdue-for-a-makeover front page.

To her credit on this, she has designed front pages for other sites, such as Night Blights, Final Fantasy, and Five Nights at Freddy's.  She has also written a fair bit of custom code for the Five Nights at Freddy's wiki, and is the head admin there as well as on the Night Blights wiki.  She is also one of two devs responsible for creating the game Spooky's House of Jump Scares.

Long story short, she was highly qualified for this position and I approached her about helping due to our mutual interest in the site.  Full disclosure: I met her back in 2015 at Wikia's official Community Connect event.  She told me she has been a fan of the site for several years, and so I asked if she would be willing to help out.

You may have noticed that she had gained adminship prior to this, and that was because of a miscommunication on my part with the rest of the admin team and has since been rectified with an official application and the proper paperwork has been filed.  Glory to Artstozka.

(All this having being said, though, please do not pester her with requests to help you design/code, or to help you with your website/wiki.)

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