It's a new month and that means more changes because I cannot get enough of my workload gluttony. Gotta stack that plate to the ceiling with work-food. Or whatever works for that too-much-on-one's-plate metaphor thing. I'm hungry now.

  • Site Rules Revamp:
    • Site Rules/Chat Rules - This page needs a touch of order put to it. As much as I enjoy chaos, there still must be some sort of order to it. What I had in mind was reordering the chat rules with SUBSECTION and sorting by SIMILAR RULES-THINGIES. Yay, order.
    • Site Rules/Image Galleries - Since all the galleries will be revamped shortly, the rules need to change to reflect the new rules in place to keep our galleries the same AND orderly. No more people changing the alignments and sizes of images on a bloody whim. Sheesh.
  • Image Galleries - 50 images per page, all following the same format as the other galleries that have been converted. The main page needs a list of (sub)pages and each (sub)page needs 50 images. This should be done as quickly as possible to avoid service interruptions. I can do it in about 2 hours give or take.

{More to come when I can think of it}

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