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  • Cornconic

    They're lazy excuses for actual well-written stories, and deserve to be considered the same way as Zelda, Pokémon and Lost Episode pastas, by which I mean they shouldn't be accepted onto the site anymore.

    They all follow the same basic format: "do (scary thing) in (scary place) late at night, and (scary thing) will happen!!!". They are, essentially, an 'easy way out' for beginner writers, after all, it's much easier to write a ritual pasta than it is to come up with an actual narrative.

    Now, I'm not saying that every ritual pasta ever written is bad, there are some classics such as 11 Miles that manage to separate themselves from the rest of the garbage, but it seems very unlikely that the genre is going to undertake its own Renaissance anyti…

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  • Cornconic

    Does it require special privileges or is it a universal function?

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  • Cornconic

    My 2-year Anniversary

    December 8, 2019 by Cornconic

    Hey guys,

    Today's my two-year anniversary of joining the wiki. I know that pales in comparison to some of the other writers on here, but I still felt as if I should mark the occasion somehow, so here we are.

    It's nice to think about how far I've progressed as a writer in this time, from those old, deleted pastas that I shudder to think about to the more recent stuff I've been getting on with that I've been enjoying.

    I've been slacking quite a bit on my writing recently, which I'm going to try to amend. Some personal stuff got in the way that I won't get into, but I've got some fresh ideas which'll hopefully mean I'll be a little more active in the community.

    See you around!

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  • Cornconic

    Psychosis got deleted?

    November 10, 2019 by Cornconic

    I'm probably a little bit behind on this one, but did the Psychosis pasta get deleted? I can't find it on search.

    If it was, could someone tell me why? It was honestly one of my favourite pastas.

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  • Cornconic

    My 500th Edit

    August 28, 2019 by Cornconic

    Hey everybody,

    So recently, I discovered that I was fast approaching my 500th edit on this site, which I will reach with this blog post. I've been writing pastas for about a year and a half now, and I wanted to do something special for the occasion. So I've decided to do a countdown of all 17 of my pastas in order from oldest to newest. I'll be giving each pasta some insight on stuff like what inspired me to write it, how long it took, etc.

    Alright, let's get started.

    1: The Wallet (700 words)

    After a string of unsuccessful pastas, this was the very first one that managed to earn a place on the site. So far, it's earned a narration by NoTimeCreepy and has undergone a few minor rewrites by myself. I think most authors on this site have a specia…

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