Hey guys,

I've been stuck on an elongated period of inactivity, 'writer's block', or whatever you want to call it, for just over a month since my last pasta, really just unable to find the energy to write, so I've decided to start a little project of my own to encourage myself to...well, get on with things. It's an idea I've been toying with for a while now, as I've grown a little bit tired of writing nothing but standalone pastas (which I think is partly to blame for my slump).

Whilst reading through some of my old pastas for inspiration, I noticed how I have a tendency to write about landscapes, or just nature in general. I felt as if a small-ish group of my stories could all plausibly take place in the same location, without needing a rewrite or serious change made to them. So, with a few of my already-uploaded pastas, and another pasta that's currently in the works, I've decided to organise an anthology, with the central setting being a fictional location called 'Kelser Moor'.

Kelser Moor is a large area of forest and field in rural England, based on a place I used to visit a lot with family when I was a kid. It's nothing too adventurous, as the stories won't be linked by anything apart from the setting (for now) but I think it's a nice change in tone from what I usually write. This doesn't mean that I'm going to stop writing regular, standalone pastas, but I'll be writing them less often.

That's all for now. I'll update this blog again when I have anything else important to say.

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