Today, August 8th, 2020, marks the ten-year anniversary of the first edits on this sie. I myself have only been here for the last five years, but it still leaves me wondering, Where does all the time go? Just to show you how far this site has come – if you had logged onto the homepage that first day, this is what you would’ve read:

This wiki is primarily a database of various creepypasta posted on 4chan's /x/ board. The goal is to have a fairly well stocked library of creepypasta, including very obscure and rarely posted, to original content discovered on /x/. Any help is greatly appreciated, although we would ask you to not post your own writings on here.

Did you catch that? “We would ask you to not post your own writings on here.” Wow! This site has done a complete 180, right? Anyway, going back through all these old edits makes me realize how much work has gone into this wiki – just imagine the time and effort involved in taking this feisty upstart of a site and turning it into a respectable home for original horror literature. Cleric and the original admins probably had no idea what they were getting into at the time. Just the fact that it survived this long is amazing, especially when you consider how many similar wikis fizzled out after a couple of weeks. Let’s take a moment to thank Cleric, and all admins past and present, for keeping the home fires burning.

Trivia Time: As far as I can tell, They're Everywhere is the first story that was uploaded to this site.

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