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So yet another d-bag has decided to claim a bunch of creepypastas as his own and sell them. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Edward Michael Emmering. His newest book, In the Sky is an odd collection of articles that are stolen from psychology magazines and creepypastas that are lifted from (some of the stories are cross-posted here as well). Proof, you say? - "His" book can be previewed on Google books, so here are some examples of stories he's stolen:


The Seer of Possibilities - scroll down a bit

Out of Hell

Note that he's retitled them.

All three of the above stories are on this site, there may be more, but every chapter I looked at is stolen from somewhere. Now here's the thing... I could just report this guy and move on, but I'm only one voice. If there's anything I learned from the whole Michael Nemeth situation, it's that assholes like this don't give up so easily. I feel a unified and strong response is needed, but with two tiny children at home and a full-time job, I simply don't have the time to sift through the book and find all the original sources and contact all the authors who've had their work stolen. Ideally, this guy will be reported to (the publishing site) by multiple writers so that he's shut down for good. I'm hoping someone here will be willing to spend some time to contact the affected writers. Maybe it can be a group effort. Whoever does it will have to be very comfortable using google... reviewing the entire book on Google Books takes a little finagling, but I can show you how to do it. I'll be around to help out and offer guidance, but it's too big a project to take on by myself.

Lastly, some of you are probably wondering if this is just Michael Nemeth using a different name. I don't think it is - this guy Emmering is a UFO/conspiracy-theory guy who has a completely different way of operating.