DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 5 days ago

Need help figuring out Workshop

Every since the writer's workshop changed around, I'm having trouble parsing the features. I don't know how to comment, read comments or -- in this case, most importantly -- mark a story as "unreviewed." I can't seem to find anything about the new changes anywhere on the site or how they work. Can someone help a brother out?

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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 19 February

too c old

This has nothing to do with writing, creepypasta or anything. Its just too cold and I have the flu and I hate all of it. Dear lord make it stop please help

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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 19 August 2020

Question about story ownership

I wanna ask, is there a way I can retain a fairly robust copyright of my work while still posting it here? I know about Wikia's sharing rules and I'm fine with not "solely" owning the text of a story if I can still own the characters and major items within it.

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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 28 July 2020

Bleedverse Lore - Clowns and the Clown Dimmension

The 'Bleedverse' is the shared universe in which all horror stories I've written take place. In this document, I'm going to explain what exactly "clowns" are in this setting. In real life, clowns are just funny (or scary) guys in makeup. While many clowns in the Bleedverse are like that, others are something else entirely.

  • 1 Biology
  • 2 Clown Powers
  • 3 The Magic of Comedy
  • 4 Clown Society, The Clown Code and Bad Clowns
  • 5 Clown Conclusion

I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician. - Charlie Chaplin

In the Bleedverse, Clowns are an otherworldly race of extra-dimensional beings from a realm of existence separate for our own. This dimension is simply known as "Clown World" by the v…

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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 7 February 2020

My own Creepypasta Expanded Universe

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Timeline
  • 3 Rules
  • 4 Final Thoughts

The concept of a "shared universe" isn't exactly new, but in recent years the idea has seen a surge in popularity. Marvel pulled off a cinematic universe and big studios have been trying to ape it ever since, with varying degress of success. Stephen King's novels are pretty much all set in the same world, with his Dark Tower series serving as the central grounding point for all the events. I decided I wanted to do something like that with the short stories I've written for this site.

In this post, I'll be looking through all my stories and seeing if I can, theoretically, link them all together in the same continuity. For a shared universe of stories, you need two things: continuity and rules. For c…

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