DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 4 May 2019

Introducing: The CreepScore!

A DougScore is a system created by Doug DeMuro as a way to review cars. Rated by ten categories, five of them analyze a car's practical qualities while the other five review the cars more superficial, "fun" qualities. Every individual category is a scale of 1 (or maybe even zero?) to 10. The five from each different category are added up to create a "Daily Score" for practicality and a "Weekend Score" for fun. Finally, the two scores are added up to a "Total Score." In theory, this means a car could get perfect tens in all the practical scores, but nothing but goose eggs in the fun ones, or vice versa.

It's unnecessarily complicated, completely arbitrary, utterly subjective and pretty much useless for anything other than pure entertainment.…

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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 23 March 2019

Soulz Studios reads "The Rat King" by ME!

I have an absolutely delightful treat for you guys today. Someone read one of my stories on their YouTube channel!

You can see it right here -->

Just as a reminder: YouTubers can read any one of the stories I post on here on their channels, no permission required! But if you do make one, I'd love it if you messaged me here (or on my Tumblr blog ) so I can see it for myself and help promote it for you!

Big love,


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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 14 October 2018

Deleting some of my stories off the wiki?

I've been thinking lately. What with the new licensing issues on the Wiki, there are some stories I really like that I wouldn't have 100% legal control over. It isn't too much of a problem now, but I feel like it might become a problem somewhere down the line. To wit, my compilation E-Book, Doctor Bleed's Misery Pit! Available now for a convenient discounted price!!! is mostly made up of stories from the wiki, and some people think it's a little unfair that all the stories in the book can also be read online for free.

So, I figured the easiest and most convenient solution would be to delete a few stories from the wiki and make them exclusive to my paid E-Books. But I don't know yet. I feel bad because I could be robbing some less financiall…

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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 9 September 2018

"Goodnight Sweet Princess" Creepypasta Review

Stop me if you've heard this one before: an low-level employee at a production company finds a "lost episode" of a popular television show and discovers it has terrifying and disturbing content. While they watch it, supernatural weirdness starts happening and then it ends on an ominious note with nothing really resolved.

A beat-for-beat retread of Squidward's Suicide, just like all the thinly veiled remakes of Sonic.exe and Jeff the Killer out there. What is it with bad creepypastas that are essentially just the same story over and over again? Well, anyway, this particular shameless clone of a glorified spongebob fanfic is called "Goodnight Sweet Princess" and is itself a shameless fanfic of Sonic, just as Sonic.exe was also thinly veiled S…

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DoctorBleed DoctorBleed 18 June 2018

The Current state of the SCP Wiki

What on earth is going on at SCP? I'm reading stuff about the mods and authors arguing with people in their comment sections, apparently Homestuck fanfiction getting passed off as an SCP, a clandestine secret government organization coloring it's logo with pride colors? Stuff about 4chan, the original creators of SCP, being "toxic" and the site happily "purging" them.

Am I just crazy? Is everything fine and I'm just reading too much into some isolated incidents? Let's talk about it.

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