This was written as an entry on someone's talk page when they asked for what materials are needed to write a Creepypasta.

  • Compose any story off line. Too many things go wrong with the web site not to.
  • Learn proper English grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. If you can't write in the language at the same quality level as an adult, your creepypastas will be deleted.
  • Always use your very best English in everything. That way it becomes a habit.
  • Read widely. This will help your English and will give you a feel for how writing and stories work.
  • Don't piss off the Admins. Learn the rules and requirements of this site. You can post on other sites with different rules, but this site has very strict rules.
  • Learn the rules and structure of composing a story in English, and always use them for any Creepypastas on this site.
  • Learn to use the free on line tools to proof your story drafts.
  • Learn to edit mercilessly. If a paragraph or a sentence or a phrase doesn't drive your story forward, delete it.
  • Always read your drafts out loud several times to find spots where the language is rough or difficult to comprehend.
  • Once you have mastered these most basic tools of the craft, look for an emotion, an image, something that gives you a strong feeling. If you don't feel it, don't force it. You will flop. Do not be afraid of just saying "This isn't working" and putting it away and going to another story. MOST of my stories get shelved like that.
  • Research your details. Google Maps can take you any place on Earth. YouTube videos lets you drive down streets. A few searches and you can check the most obscure details. Don't come off like the dork who kept writing about counties in Louisiana when there is no such thing in Louisiana - just Parishes.
  • Only when you have reached this point, put your story in the Writer's Workshop. Do not put your story directly on the main Wiki. They will delete stories just for poor English composition.
  • Learn to listen to feedback and see where they are right. At times it hurts, but most of the time I find points where they are right. Much of my stories comes from feedback and criticism I receive. Do not argue or get defensive. Always thank the reviewers. They took time away from their writing to help you.
  • Post your revised drafts on the Wiki. I have gone as many as five drafts. As more mistakes were removed, the story got better and better.
  • I wait until 24 hours goes with no feedback. Only then do I post.