Hello Creepypasta Community,

As you all know, the Admins, Chat Mods, and even Staff work very diligently to try and keep the Wikia from cluttering in unwanted blog posts/articles, vandilizers (on and off of the chat), grammar issues, and things of that nature. For these reasons, I wanted to suggest we add Editing Bots/ Chat Bot to our Wikia.

For those of you who don't know what a chat bot is, it's a programmed piece of software that acts as an admin or user that makes automated edits on a wiki and also helps human users to make semi-automated edits. Bots are most often used in short runs to make repetitive edits to many pages, such as moving a group of pages to a new category, fixing links to disambiguation pages, or to search for misspelled words and replace them with correct ones.

The Chat Bot could keep logs of the chat in case an admin or chat mod is not around and could be configured to where it does more.

The Editting Bot, in theory, (if acting as an admin) could roll back some pastas or article posts that ,for example, were written in all capital letters or show poor spelling, and control quality. The bots will be tested incase they do not function properly. If that is the case then they will be discarded. It is possible if you guys really want it.

The Editting or Chat Bots would be controlled by Cleric or someone who he has appointed one too.

Keep in mind that the Creepypasta Wikia isn't devoted to editing wikias. It's for reading horror short stories. These bots are to help the readers enjoy the site better without minor burdens such as the ones stated above and in no means are they to replace admins or Chat Mods.

In order for this to happen, we need the opinion of the users from Creepypasta community to give an opinion on whether they support or oppose this idea.

This is needed in order for the Wikia Staff to grant us a Bot Flag on user accounts so that they be made into bots.

Support Support -, Oppose Oppose -

{ {Support} } without spaces for support, { {Oppose} } without spaces for oppose,

Please use the templates above followed by your serious opinion and comment below. ^_^

Support Support - The Bot has been approved by the Staff. You are more than welcome to give feedback about the bot.

If you would like a Bot and meet the requirements on the following page, you may request one by clicking here.

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