Hello Creepypasta Community, ^_^

My name is Abel, the Mod that introduced the YouTube Audio player.
I wanted to tell you guys about another idea that I have had since the introduction of the audioplayer. For about a year now, Mr.Creepypasta has been getting very high views because of his very eerie effect that he puts is his readings. He's brought attention to Creepypasta by this reading. For those of you who haven't heard of Mr.Creepypasta, he reads the Pastas that he find interesting on YouTube in an eerie manner with effects and stuff that goes with the story.

I'm only using Mr.Creepypasta as an example of users who read stories.

An example of audio reading, a pasta called "The Expressionless" Template:YoutubePlayer

With the new YouTube Audio player installed on the wiki, we could have the audio player displayed on wiki pages that have been read by him. The audio player will not be on autoplay because I've considered that fact that people may want to read it themselves nor will they be played on OC pastas without the author's permission.

I have tested out the idea in the pasta Forlorn. Click to see the look of it as well as the actual audio.

This audio template is not to just promote Mr.Creepypasta. There will be several other readers. He is only an example.

Pastas that haven't been read in audio are elidgable to be recorded by some of the Creepypasta community by approval of the Admins. If you wish to do this, please don't submit anything that lacks quality.

I believe this idea will be beneficial to the site as well as promote other user's readings and we cannot do this without the community's approval. :)

Again, having them read is optional and it will not autoplay without the user clicking it. This is just to add the option of having them read.

Please post your comments and questions!

TL;DR version below
Should the Audio Player be added to Pastas on the wiki?

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