EmpyrealInvective EmpyrealInvective 11 February

Announcing the 2021 Creepypasta Song Contest

Hey everyone, I realized we haven’t done a contest recently (2020) so when I heard from Dr. Creepen who proposed a song contest for the Creepypasta Wiki, I jumped on the idea. I’d like to proudly present the 2021 Creepypasta Song Contest!

I’ll let Dr. Creepen’s proposal serve as the premise: “My thinking was that a lot of the cheesiest songs ever have a darker side that could be fertile raw material for an inspired author.

“Examples: “'Pina colada song' is actually about a serial killer who's lured many victims in this way before getting a shock.

“'Copa Cabana' - murder mystery waiting to be turned into something nastier.

“'Tie a Yellow Ribbon' - killer spots victims waiting expectantly alone for a man to come visit.”

  • 1 What rules are there?
  • 2 How…

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EmpyrealInvective EmpyrealInvective 21 December 2020

Regarding the Unofficial Creepypasta Wiki Discord

Some of you might be familiar with the unofficial Creepypasta Discord, but a number of you may not realize that I was made the head of the server a few months ago after issues with the previous owner led to them stepping down and leaving the server. There were numerous instances of harassment, power abuse, and untoward behavior that led to their departure. We discussed the matter extensively with mods and decided to leave the Discord server up with attempts to manage it and remove any elements/users that were detrimental to the community while still fostering a sense of community.

Unfortunately recent events that we have been made aware of have caused us to re-evaluate that decision. While some of this behavior (like harassment, elitism, a…

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EmpyrealInvective EmpyrealInvective 19 July 2020

Update on the Usage of the Marked for Review and Marked for Deletion Templates

We’ve spent the last week looking over everyone’s comments, talking to users in private messages, and the admins talking amongst themselves to figure out what needs to be done to work on the issues with our current system in regards to our M4R and M4D templates. We ultimately decided to keep these two templates as there are some reasons why certain items have a greater urgency that necessitates the deletion template (see below). Due to concerns brought up over mis-usage of the marked for review and marked for deletion templates, we have decided to adjust and clarify the circumstances in which they should be used.

  • 1 Marked for deletion should be used in instances of:
  • 2 Marked for Review is to be used for:
  • 3 What has changed?
  • 4 Why is this being don…

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EmpyrealInvective EmpyrealInvective 6 July 2020

Deletion, M4R, and Possible Changes

I know it’s been a hectic month; I’ve been chatting with users on Discord about their views on the recent shift towards a site that is more focused on authors and away from exclusivity/gate-keeping. A lot of people have had good ideas about how to approach this situation and the admins have been listening and discussing amongst themselves. We ultimately decided as this is a matter that will influence people’s contributions and attitudes, that it needs to be put to a group vote. First though, we do need to explain a bit about what went wrong and how we want to proceed with this discussion.

  • 1 How was the deletion tag mis-used?
  • 2 How should the M4R tag be used?
  • 3 Why Talk About All of This Now?
  • 4 Only the M4R Tag
  • 5 Keeping Both Tags
  • 6 A New Template
  • 7 Conc…

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EmpyrealInvective EmpyrealInvective 29 September 2019

Halloween Horr-tacular 2019

Guess what time it is?! Yeah, it's time for Horr-tacular 2019! The entire month where I watch a horror movie a day throughout October and let you guys know what I think. I'm letting you guys know in advance if you want to give out suggestions for Monday. I'm going to try to watch your suggestions, but I make no promises as I'm in my fifth semester of Vet. school.

Let's all enjoy this spooky season together! Here's a breakdown of what I'll be doing each day of the week:

  • 1 Breakdown
  • 2 1/10/2019 Terrible Tuesdays: Skullduggery:
  • 3 2/10/2019 Remake Wednesday: Suspiria
  • 4 3/10/2019 Throwback Thursday: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)
  • 5 4/10/2019 Famous Fridays: The Resurrected (Lovecraft)
  • 6 5/10/2019 Showcase Saturday: Sweet Home
  • 7 6/10/2019 Spooky Ani…

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