We’ve spent the last week looking over everyone’s comments, talking to users in private messages, and the admins talking amongst themselves to figure out what needs to be done to work on the issues with our current system in regards to our M4R and M4D templates. We ultimately decided to keep these two templates as there are some reasons why certain items have a greater urgency that necessitates the deletion template (see below). Due to concerns brought up over mis-usage of the marked for review and marked for deletion templates, we have decided to adjust and clarify the circumstances in which they should be used.

Marked for deletion should be used in instances of:

  1. Spam or pages where the author explicitly states the story is a trollpasta.
  2. Terms of Use violations. This encompasses harassment, advertising, pornographic media, images of animal abuse, etc.
  3. Spinoffs/Blacklisted Stories.
  4. Pages that are explicitly stated to be unfinished.

Marked for Review is to be used for:

  1. Instances where there are numerous mechanical and plot-based issues that need review/editing which our outlined in our quality standards.
  2. Extensive coding/formatting issues that require a lot of editing to fix.
  3. If you believe a story needs to be reviewed for plagiarism/Someone posting a story without the author’s permission.

What has changed?

We will now require people who use these templates to mark stories to explain their reasoning (extensive capitalization, punctuation, spelling, awkward wording, grammatical, homophones, etc.). This is being done to help authors recognize errors they are making and to prevent issues of subjective marking of stories.

Users who fail to follow these will receive a warning on their talk page linking to this blog and the amended site rules page. Users who continue to not follow these guidelines will receive a temporary ban at the discretion of the admin on a case-by-case basis.

Why is this being done?

We are enacting these rules to prevent instances of gatekeeping and to clarify confusion that some users have expressed recently about the templates. In the past, users marked stories for review/deletion without proper explanation, and while admins do review all stories, it does have a detrimental effect if a user marks something under incredibly subjective or nebulous reasons. While the purpose of this site is to collect horror stories, it should also be a place that welcomes and helps users improve their writing. Even if their first few stories have a lot of issues, we do want them to improve and hone their talents. No one starts off as a great writer, everyone needs practice and advice to grow. We hope with these new guidelines, we can create an environment that fosters great storytelling and a sense of community.

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