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Memory and Humanity in Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This is a partial re-write which covers much of the same material in my blog post, Losing Your Humanity in Amnesia and A Machine For Pigs. Ultimately I used this opportunity to explore some different threads in the story and draw new, if similar, conclusions.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a first-person survival-horror adventure game developed by Frictional Games for the HPL Engine. Following the perspective of Daniel, a 19th century explorer, the Player begins the game without any memories and is forced to traverse a large and seemingly abandoned castle, stalked by otherworldly presences. Across their journey, the Player learns more about Daniel’s unethical past: a series of desperate practices under the supervision of Baron Alexander of Br…

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Random Writer's Showcase: Diexilius (Part Two)

Note to reader: this is the second part in a two-part showcase on the works of Diexilius . If you haven't read the first part , you will probably want to before continuing forward with this analysis. As well, there will be detailed spoilers for the story we analyze here, and I strongly urge you to read it before reading my thoughts.

"Okay, but first I'll have to remind you, any substance you found was probably not on purpose"

- Diexilius, 2019

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Gray Steam (2318 words - 9-13 minutes)
    • 2.1 Introduction and Summary
    • 2.2 Cliches
    • 2.3 Depression
    • 2.4 Impossible Colors
    • 2.5 Conclusion
  • 3 Continuation
    • 3.1 Some Other's Thoughts
    • 3.2 What's The Point?
  • 4 In Conclusion

When I approached Diexilius for insight on his story Predicting Something, he remarked that he "...…

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EtherBot's Random Writer's Showcase

Hello, welcome to this index/introduction to some of the work I've been doing over the past three years. This post will provide a short explanation/history of the Random Writer's Showcases written by myself, and will contain links to each of the installments for easy access. As more showcases come out, I'll make sure to update this article.

  • 1 What is a Random Writer's Showcase anyhow?
  • 2 Who are you?
  • 3 Showcases
  • 4 Additional Material

The sheer stretch of time devoted to the creation of only 16 episodes means there is a wide varience in quality and conventions from the first to the last showcase. Each showcase can typically be expected to contain reviews of several curated works from a writer chosen off of the site. The ways an author is chosen varie…

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Random Writer's Showcase: Diexilius (Part One)


Welcome one and all to the Random Writer's Showcase. I apologize for frightening you, friends. But as you can see, I am a ghost.

In this series, we perform a deep analysis on the selected works of a lesser known author on the wiki, with the goal of discovering what meaning might be able to found there. This special Halloween installment will revolve around the work of Diexilius . Despite being with us since 2014, and accumulating a not-insignificant 3,278 edits since that time, Diex has only two stories, of which we will be discussing all of them.

Last time we showcased Kolpik, you can read that showcase here.

We will be reviewing Diexilius' entire released catalogue (two works), so if you have the time or motivation to read both this blo…

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Random Writer's Showcase: Kolpik

[Wow, it's been a hot second since there's been one of these, but you all haven't stopped writing stories. I had all these traditions. Let's see if I can remember any of them. Uh, I need a catchy opening...]

Greetings, spooks and specters!

[There's one. Not bad, I don't think! I usually had some sort of opening gag. A silly joke of some sort ... but I don't know if I'm feeling that right now. We'll call this meta narration the opening gag for today, shall we :P]

[Let's see. After that I introduce the author whose work we'll be reviewing. This doesn't need to be flashy.]

We'll be checking out a small sample of the work of Kolpik today. Kolpik's been with us since 2018 but has made an impressive 14k edits since then, and around twenty two storie…

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