Hey guys, I have some spooks if you guys wouldn't mind me sharing them. I needed some major time away to reorganize and now I'm in a much better head space.

If you were keeping up with me before, I'm still writing that NoEnd House remake. It's taking a very different direction than the original story but I think it's a good compromise.

I have some stories cooking right now, those should be around pretty soon.

I have some smaller projects! A rewrite of stories from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a dream diary, and more. Experimenting with different styles of expression.

Of course I'm still rambly and fond of analyzing things. I've got a few discussions of horror in the works, including something about nightmarish horror and television logo sequences, some specific analyses of movies or games like netflix's The Open House, etc.

The truth is, I've been sitting on a few stories for a while. Helel's contest is what pushed me over the line. If I'm writing a story for the wiki I might as well step in, at least for a bit.

Glad to be around.

I won't be writing any more showcases.