I just wrote "ONE BORING DAY: A MINI HORROR" It is a Comic book-style scary story.

I will Expand upon it in a full graphic novel. But for now the story is this. Any time you EVER have a boring day. That is because nothing bad has happened. So anytime your day is boring. Something terrible is happening to your counterpart. And any time your counterpart is bord. You will die.

There are 3 Monsters. One is a Gun Shooting Arcade Machine. Another is the shadow of a mannequin, that will shove shadow into your mouth and turn you into a shadow. And another is a liquid skull with one blade, and one hand. It will restrain it's victims before stabbing them from the chin up.

What do you guys think, would you like to see this? I probably won't post it here, but I could leave it on deviant art or something. Come the answer yes.

YES count: 6/10

UPDATE: Alas, we did not get the YES count to 10. And so the book will not be posted, but, the full graphic novel will be downloadable once finished.

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