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So I wrote a Pasta called: "War". 

It was about a person named "Taylor" who was locked into a storage room by his/her friend/sibling/spouse and ends up completely blind to what seems to be a war that starts and ends with her/him being in a window-less room the whole time.

I wrote it, and in like 5 minutes it was deleted.

Suffices to say I was mad.

It's not just that it was deleted. It was that I don't know why. I am going to make a judgement based on what I know in a bit, so don't even mention that. I know I have almost no knowledge as to why it happened, THAT IS WHAT I AM UPSET ABOUT.


I have said many a'time that I write in an odd style. As if you are reading the protagonists main thoughts as they happen. So my formatting has many lone/2-3 sentance paragraphs. It's just how I write. Sometimes I feel like one single note is worthy/important enough for an entire paragraph. 

But that one little note only needs on little sentance. I don't want to drag it on and risk quality, So I just write one little sentance.

I feel like this particular Pasta though, was the closest I have come to being the slightest bit scary. And it was the second one ever deleted.

If you don't know what the first one is, That was the worst one I've written. This however, I really thought was at least good. Which is more than I can say for any of my others. BUT THOSE HAVEN'T BEEN DELETED.

see why I'm pissed?

So if it was formatting then crap, none of the others were removed.

If it was Quality then Crap, none of the others were removed.

If it was THE TITLE- Wait....

The title...

Now the title "War", was the name of another Pasta. More about how War is terrible and why we deserve it if we start it.

But that was deleted.


Was mine to similar to another Pasta?

I don't know!!