You may or may not know of my project. I have recently finished production on a movie based on the infamous Creepypasta tale Easter Egg - Snow On Mt. Silver. I hope to drop this film by Halloween.

Following its post to youtube. I will be posting a very Very VERY important post on this wiki. To summerize this "Pasta" (I just refer to this story as one despite it not being a fan fiction), During the production of this film I have had very unusual experiences. I have documented these experiences in a journal since production began.

The full reason I'm talking about this post is because I need to inform you that I am going to post it for certain reasons. I'd Post it now but I'm still having these strange experiences and I feel they may end following the posting of the finished film to the internet, Otherwise I will continue updating the post. When it is finally posted I NEED it to stay on this wiki seeing as the original story that inspired the film is already here.

This story will be posted on or around the date of October 31st.

Thank You

and I'm sorry if this blog doesnt fit the rules of posting if it doesn't