Cupcakes (spoiler warning)

I read this story about 3 years ago cause it was right when I became a fan of My Little Pony; what I didn't expect was for Pinkie pie to be a crazed killer that will turn her victims to cupcakes. This is truly my favorite creepypasta for so many reasons and I can never stop praising it

Plot: The plot revolves around Pinkie Pie and her brutal ways of torturing her best friend Rainbow Dash. The plot is very simple and may seem boring; what you don't expect is how it tugs on your heartstrings and mess with your mind. True fans of MLP know how bizarre it is for someone like Pinkie Pie to kill her friend as well as many other ponies before Rainbow Dash, so it makes the story more interesting and scary.

Character(s): The only two characters that are in the story are Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. Pinkie is just so different than her normal self like in the show, but it's still like her with her personality and playfulness. Rainbow Dash tries her best to know why Pinkie would do all this just to make cupcakes while still thinking this pony in front of her is still the friend that she knew for so long. Both show so much interest and they work with the story very very well.

Scares: This is truly a story for your imagination. They give lots of detail of what's happening and it makes you fear what you see. Even when other people do readings on youtube, they never include sound effects to add to the eerieness and imagination aspect of the story.

Creativity: The idea of Pinkie Pie in the story came from the episode of MLP "Party of One" where a scene of Pinkie Pie with a flat mane goes crazy, and thus Pinkamena Diane Pie was born. Seargent Sprinkles is a true genius with making Pinkie this crazed killer but still make it seem like it is her still, so you don't know which is the real Pinkie; even I think Pinkamena from Cupcakes might be the real Pinkie.

Overall: This is a story for those who want to use their imaginations and for the MLP fans wanting their gore. I highly recommend for first-time readers as well who would like to check out a simple story that is very affective.

10/10 (The first time I ever gave a perfect score; and no, this isn't my first creepypasta I read, that honor goes to "Eyeless Jack")


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