aka Little Monster

  • I live in I don’t know
  • My occupation is killing lab workers for experimenting on me
  • I am I don’t know
  • Experiment2089

    As I am writing this, I have yet to explain that these are true stories. First was last night.

    I was getting ready for bed, and I saw a tiny sliver of blue light coming from my bathroom. I expected it to be my sister using the restroom, but it wasn’t. The door was wide open, and the light was off. I was terrified. But not as much as a few minutes ago. I was waiting for something, and all of a sudden, one of the calendars belonging to my younger sister flew off the wall. Read more >
  • Experiment2089

    My Work, part 2

    September 17, 2020 by Experiment2089

    I have finished the first part of my first story. It is called Cupcakes. I wish to inform you it isn’t that great, as it is incomplete. But I’ll be working on the second part in my free time ( as long as part one stays up). Have a nice day.

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  • Experiment2089

    My Work

    September 15, 2020 by Experiment2089

    I will be working on a story each day in my spare time, so if it is incomplete, it will be finished the next time I’m free.

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