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  • Furbearingbrick

    This quote from Scythemantis' review of the Dullahan sums it up well, I think:

    "Why do we forget the grotesque in favor of the streamlined and threatening? A headless corpse is "scary," kind of like how a killer robot or an angry grizzly bear is scary, but a headless corpse with a cartoonishly exaggerated, impossibly huge mutant head rolling around with it is insane. A rotten horse with a normal sized body and a fifteen foot face is disturbing. Monsters don't need to be realistic or even serious to be frightening - the more outlandish, the more impossible, the more ridiculous, the more they'll leave you questioning your very sanity, should you even escape with your brain still attached."

    (Emphasis mine.)

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  • Furbearingbrick

    As of April 21st, 2013, Zelda creepypastas are once again allowed on the wiki. Hooray! However, they must meet these requirements:

    1. No inanimate objects following, burning, electrifying or killing you.

    2. No realistic, hyper, super, ANY type of non-digital blood.

    3. BEN/Cleverbot is not allowed AT ALL, as per the anti-spinoff rule. This includes BEN-like entities.

    4. Link, Zelda, and/or NPCs going maniacal and killing people is definitely not allowed.

    5. No things coming out of the TV.

    6. Try to use as few Creepy Clichés as possible.

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  • Furbearingbrick

    Lost Episodes are once again allowed on this wiki.


    To prevent the situation that forced me to put a moratorium on them in the first place, all new Lost Episode pastas MUST follow these guidelines. Lost Episode pastas that violate these rules may be moved to Spinpasta Wiki's Lost Episode category or, if they're REALLY bad, Trollpasta Wiki!

    • Try to use as few Creepy Clichés as possible. Or better yet, don't use them at all.
    • Don't make it too much like Squidward's Suicide. That formula has been rehashed so many times it's not funny. Practically every Lost Episode pasta I come across is just Squidward's Suicide with different proper nouns and extra gore.
    • No pointless/excessive violence or gore. Again, this is so overdone it's not funny. Gor…
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  • Furbearingbrick

    The Tooth Hurts

    February 6, 2013 by Furbearingbrick

    Just a heads-up; I may not be on here tomorrow because I'm getting a tooth pulled.

    It's not fair! I brush, floss, pick, and scrape every single tooth every single day and I still get cavities like crazy. Am I just cursed or something???

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  • Furbearingbrick

    Spinoff Appeal?

    January 25, 2013 by Furbearingbrick

    Bushcraft Medic has a point; we SHOULD be a little less intolerant. But merely accepting every shitty pasta that comes along, despite his protestations, WOULD be horrible. This wiki is about QUALITY content, and removing the no-spinoffs rule entirely would open the floodgates of crap, drowning us in subpar Slenderman and Jeff The Killer knockoffs.

    So, I've come up with a compromise, which comes in two parts:

    1. Instead of being blocked for posting on the forbidden subjects for the first time, the author will receive a warning and the story will be removed. The 1-day block will only apply if the author re-uploads it (re-uploading pages is an offense.)
    2. Spinoff Appeal. If Cleric approves of the idea, it'll be a system similar to Deletion Appeal in …
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