What is the goal of the Creepypasta Wiki? To have a healthy community of creepypasta/horror fans. To create and share stories. To help people become better writers.

What can be done for this site to help facilitate this? A lot of things, actually, but I have a few suggestions.

Promote Pasta of the Month Nominees

Focus should be on newer pastas. Only nominate pastas that have been posted within the last month. Nominees should be displayed prominently on the front page, like the spotlight. Showcase the level of quality you would like to see on the site.

Writers write for two reasons: Money and validation. Since this is an operation running on a budget of zero, money is out of the equation. Fortunately, validation is free. Putting greater emphasis on the Pasta of the Month, or even making it Pasta of the Week, may help quality writers feel appreciated, and even provide a bit of healthy competition.

Narrator Spotlight

Writers and narrators should have a symbiotic relationship, creating value for each other in a positive feedback loop, but unfortunately in this relationship, unless the narrator is popular and well known, the narrator gets the short end of the stick.

Lesser-known or newer narrators struggle to get eyes on their videos in the crowded streaming video market. While a writer may receive personal satisfaction and pride when their work is performed, the performer will receive next to nothing in return.

It is important to display the work of lesser-known narrators prominently on this site, especially ones that take their stories from Creepypasta Wiki (with permission, of course).

Community Discord Server

Discord is the most effective community-building tool I've ever seen. Users can hang out and chat, stream, use voice communication, share pictures and videos. It would take some effort and moderation, but could have a positive effect on the community.

Incentivize Reviews

What happens when you work on a story for hours and hours, pour your heart into your words, then post it on the site just to get no reaction? No comments, no idea how many page views, no sign that anyone read your story at all? You probably come to the conclusion that posting your story was a waste of your time.

People should be rewarded for writing thoughtful, constructive reviews for stories, perhaps a title or special name color, kind of like the "Top Reviewer" title on Amazon reviews.


Those are my ideas. Take em or leave em.

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