• GnomeClaw

    Hello, this is GnomeClaw, and I'm here to tell you why I think I should be able to keep my chat moderator rights.

    I've been a mod since July 2013(ChaoZ helped me there, thanks :D), and I think I should be able to keep my rights, not because I've been a moderator a long time, not because I'm some super awesome and perfect moderator (I'm not, trust me.) But I want to keep my rights because I feel like I'm doing the job right, and because I try to be nice to people, sure, that is kind of the required to be a moderator, but isn't that the important part?

    A moderator has to be fair, and has to be an example on how an user has to act, now, I'm not a perfect model of that, but the people that know me can at the least give the credit that I try to h…

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  • GnomeClaw

    Some info about me :D

    February 13, 2014 by GnomeClaw

    Hello, I'm FinalClaw, not stating my name for privacy, which will be explained later on this blog. Also, I'm Brazillian.

    I was born June 20, 1998. Which was the same date as my mom. I'm a person that likes joking and can be dickish sometimes. I'm usually friendly with everyone, and I try not to hate everyone. This is because of my idea that its not worthy to waste your life with negative emotions.

    I'm a male heterosexual, but I have a pretty open mind, which makes me have a range of fetishes and sometimes, tastes on certain other people besides males. I'm currently with a girlfriend, so right now I don't have anyone that I would like in that way in this wiki. Although you might see me make a lot of sexual jokes/comments.

    I'm a Whovian, Sherlo…

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  • GnomeClaw

    Hai, so, for the next 5-10 days, I won't be on this wiki or chat, I might even be blocked from getting here, for a study of mine, to see what happens when a person that is mildly addicted to the internet is stuck without it for that amount of days, you will probably not see me in skype(unless for school reasons) and I won't be able to be contacted after I become blocked, so yeah...

    See you guys later :D

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  • GnomeClaw

    Final's Emoticon/Avatar

    January 12, 2014 by GnomeClaw

    Hello there, so I was thinking, I should get an emoticon :D. The problem is, I have no idea what it should be about, so I was thinking, what do you guys think it should be about?, and also, should I change my avatar?

    Answering this question would help me greatly, so I can make up my mind on something, thanks for reading this :D

    Uh, here are some things I like so you guys can have more help:

    Sherlock (BBC)

    Doctor Who


    FMA: Brotherhood

    Kill la Kill

    D. Gray Man

    Black Butler

    League of Legends (GAME)

    So, can you help me?

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  • GnomeClaw

    A question for the honest

    December 24, 2013 by GnomeClaw

    I've been pondering about this for some time, and now I want ot know, what do you guys think of me?

    I would like a fully honest and maybe blunt answer, the good things and the bad things about me, thank you for reading this.

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