Gomez Capulet

aka Erasmus Bloodhaven

  • I live in Gallifrey
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is burnout
  • I am Capitalist swine
  • Gomez Capulet

    I haven't ranked my pastas  in awhile so I figured I'd do an updated list. You can take the top  ten or so as suggest reading if you're into my style. 

    22. The Basilisk Queen

    21. The Diabolesc

    20. The Apocalypse Flies

    19. The Things Behind the Door

    18. Take a Penny

    17. World Peace

    16. The Savages

    15. Fish Food

    14. The Staring Game

    13. A God Fearing Man

    12. The Kissing Bug

    11. Twisted Metal Love

    10. Uncaged

    9. Something to Chew On

    8. Spicy Spirit Rolls

    7. Runaways

    6. Very Sweet Dreams

    5. Doug's Salvation

    4. Bad Night Out

    3. Held in Captivity

    2. Support Group

    1. Tremble

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  • Gomez Capulet

    I've been AWOL from here for awhile due mostly to work taking up too much of my time and the fact I can be a bit of a mess. I hope to be posting stories more regularly very soon. I hope everyone I've interacted with here in the past is doign well as we start off 2019.

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  • Gomez Capulet

    10. Series 1

    This is Doctor Who getting its footing but it is still without a doubt Doctor Who. There are tears and scares and some of the best acting and stories the franchise has ever produced. Still Eccleston connects with me the least of all new Who Doctors, the visuals are the worst of new Who, I prefer Rose with ten and there are tons of farting baby faced monsters who take up way too much time.

    9.  Series 7

    I love Matt Smith. He is my absolute favorite Doctor and many people have compared our mannerisms. This makes the reality of his last series ever harder to accept. Part one of series 7 standing alone is not Doctor Who at its best. With the addition of part 2 what keeps it from the bottom is really just a pro-Smith bias. Oswin Oswal…

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  • Gomez Capulet

    Author's note: The apostrophe in the title was unintentional. I'll talk to an admin about changing it.

    I don't suffer under the delusion my stories are mindblowingly fantastic but I prefer some to others and I'm always trying to improve and bring both readers and listeners a better experience.

    6. A God Fearing Man

    This was one  of the first stories I've ever posted  and is loosely based on the true story of Ray and Faye Copeland who were the oldest couple put on death row.  Aside from the horrible state it was in when it originally went which mostly resulted from me not really understanding how to use the wiki it's received pretty positive responses. I actually entered it in a writing contest in high school. I didn't place or anything but I g…

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  • Gomez Capulet

    I haven't published anything on here in awhile. Soon I hope to be posting stories again and much more frequently. I have plenty of ideas of my own but I'm interested in diversifying my subject matter. Feel free to comment any subjects which you would be interested in reading a pasta related to. 

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