I haven't ranked my pastas  in awhile so I figured I'd do an updated list. You can take the top  ten or so as suggest reading if you're into my style. 

22. The Basilisk Queen

21. The Diabolesc

20. The Apocalypse Flies

19. The Things Behind The Door

18. Take a Penny

17. World Peace

16. The Savages

15. Fish Food

14. The Staring Game

13. A God Fearing Man

12. The Kissing Bug

11. Twisted Metal Love

10. Uncaged 

9. Something to Chew On

8. Spicy Spirit Rolls

7. Runaways

6. Very Sweet Dreams

5. Doug's Salvation

4. Bad Night Out

3. Held in Captivity

2. Support Group

1. Tremble

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