End of the Road

So, my first contest... went very well! I'm really happy that so many people decided to participate, and that so many of them delivered their entries. Although, I have to say, I was nervous as hell: constantly panicking about the deadline and stuff. But in the end, my fears were extinguished by my procrastinating, but incredibly diligent co-judges.

But this isn't about me. This is about the results of the contest. So here they are!

1st Place: Banshee's Cry ~ by The Soul Fister (97/100) (Prompt )

2nd Place: The White Men Came ~ by Unimpressive Chaoslord (82/100) (Prompt )

3rd Place: Faulty Love ~ by Icydice & Hoy Rod ~ by K. Banning Kelum (77/100) (Prompt ) (Prompt )

4th Place: She-Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ~ by Aeternum Nox (76/100) (Prompt )

5th Place: Redacted ~ by JonathanNash (70/100) (Prompt )

6th Place: Sabbath ~ by Shadowswimmer77 (65/100) (Prompt )


I hope that all participants had as much fun writing these as I had reading and grading them. All entries had their merits and flaws, and my only regret is that there weren't more. ~ Helel ben Shahaar

Everybody did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure reading through the entries. I hope everyone enjoyed writing their stories as much as I enjoyed reviewing them. Hope to see you all keep up the good work. ~ Anarchic Operations

(pending) ~ Diexilius

Extra Boon

For all those that didn't participate or just didn't submit their entries in time, here's a little something: the list of all the songs that were available as prompts:

Rip ronnie james dio by khan71

In the heat and the rain...