I discovered creepypasta int he summer of 2014 at a website at a fourm - which the fourm does not exist anymore - and at the time creepypastas was new to me. So I Googled what creepypastas and there were a Youtube video of the Top 10 Creepypastas and then I ending up watching a whole lot of those videos and hearing people reading them.

I came across Youtubers that read these creepypastas and true stories videos. These Youtubers are Mr. Nightmare, Mccreepypastas, Hoodohoodlumsrevenge and many more.

The creepypasta that scared have to be either Smile Dog or Dead Bart, not sure which one, but when I saw the worse image of SmileDog scared me. I did a quick aahhh when I watched one of the top ten creepypastas.

Ever since I've discovered creepypastas I've became obsessed with them but never wrote any because I didn't came up with any. But I am working on one and I am not telling you anything because I want to be a surprise.

Hope you enjoyed the post :) 

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