I've been watching Youtube for many years now and came across a lot of Youtubers. Some of them I not so keen on others I adore. This is the list of the Youtubers that I love.

ComdeyShortsGamer and KSI: They are brothers that make Youtube videos on gaming and other things. Formerly they do videos togther in the past. CSG now does reacting videos and yes he still does gaming videos too. This is also incluids KSI. At the moment KSI is taking a break from Youtube and will be returing with an explantion soon. These guys make me laugh each time and puts me in a good mood, I do miss the old videos where they play horror games and screams like a girl.

Daz Games: Before he made his gaming channel Daz was making Vines as his fans was asking him toa gaming channel, which he did. I only started watching his channel about year ago and I watch him to this day. Plus Daz also does Daz Watches where he watch a video, weird ones and scary ones. I enjoy his videos so and they do makes me laugh and he laughs at his own jokes, and his fans love that too.

Zoella: She is a beauty guru who does make up tutoiuals*, hauls, etc. I love her bubbly, fun personality. I became obsessed of her products Zoella Beauty, where mostly are make-up bags, body lotions, bath stuff etc. I maybe have over 20 of her products, I know it's an obsesstion. Plus I also read two of her books, Girl Online series, yes there is a third one, but not going to read it yet.

There is alot of Youtubers that I love but not going to name them all because you all get bored and this blog will be like an novel or something.

Anyways hope you enjoyed and which Youtubers do you love?

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