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  • HopelessNightOwl

    To use a childish poetic notion, one of the fascinating things about photography is how sometimes it almost seems to create a whole world of its own. Recently, I've started going on Streetview tours of random places on Google Earth, and it feels like exploring a world of digitally simulated beings who inhabit their own time and space.

    Anyway, after reading through the stories in Photography, here are some that stood out.

    1. Anomaly by Rembetis

    2. Attachment: 1 Image by [TOPRamen]

    3. Captured by L0CKED334

    4. The Camera I Found by Surm

    5. I Found a Digital Camera in the Woods by Unknown

    6. Imperfect Copies by YawningLion

    7. Lightning by alapanama

    8. Rabbits in the Creek by Unknown

    9. Satellite Images by SquidInk

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  • HopelessNightOwl

    Recently, myself and the other admins decided to revisit the ban on lost episode stories and haunted gaming stories and concluded that it is time for an update.

    Historically, we have banned lost episode and haunted gaming stories due to their tendency to be highly cliched and unoriginal, and the fact that at the height of creepypasta's popularity, this wiki was flooded with them, most of them being of poor quality.

    However there were always problems and ambiguities with the way the policy was articulated. The lost episode ban applied not just to stories based on real TV shows and movies, which is usually what people think of by "lost episodes," but also to any stories that follow the "lost episode formula" in any way, even if the show of int…

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  • HopelessNightOwl

    After reading through all the stories in Suggested Reading and Historical Archieve, here are some of the ones I liked the most. Some are well known while others are obscure and underrated.

    1. Autopilot

    2. Burgrr Entries

    3. Candle Cove

    4. Mr. Widemouth

    5. Pale Luna

    6. Penpal

    7. The Strangers

    8. Ted the Caver

    9. Anomaly

    10. Out with a Bang

    11. Devil's Wood

    12. The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas

    13. Hitchhiker's Object

    14. House of Rules

    15. I Found a Digital Camera in the Woods

    16. Mother's Call

    17. Where Bad Kids Go

    18. The Woman in the Oven

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  • HopelessNightOwl

    Alright, you know the drill. After reading through the Christmas Category, here are some stories that stood out to me.


    2. Christmas Lights by Ossifer

    3. If You Hear Sleigh Bells by Ramunetan

    4. My Christmas Tale by Icydice

    5. The Naughty List by RedNovaTyrant

    6. No Gifts This Year by Mr. Zalgopasta

    7. Occupied Chimney by Doom Vroom

    8. The Advent Calendar by Michael Whitehouse

    9. Santa's Other Workshop by Derek Hawke

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  • HopelessNightOwl

    I know I'm a few days late for this, but during October I read through all of the Halloween category. Here are some of the stories that stood out to me.

    1. Bitter Candy by Kolpik

    2. The Fun House by Thecrownclown

    3. Halloween Party by Lucy Kay

    4. Hoax by NuekerFilms

    5. Paulie's Puppy by Mmpratt99

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