Hello, your friendly neighborhood night owl here. As many of you have probably noticed, this wiki is creeping up on 12 thousand story pages very shortly. That's an average of more than a thousand pages added every year in the ten years since this wiki was created, with dozens more coming in every month (not even counting the ones that are deleted).

With this massive amount of story content, it can be hard to know where to start. We decided to create a curated index of all the helpful links to help people browse the wiki's content in their own way. Introducing the Content Hub. It is designed both to help new users get acquainted with this wiki's content as well as for the use of experienced users.

How does this differ from the main page?

The Content Hub has some similarities to the main page, including using the same organizational style elements, but the purpose is different. The pages and features of this and any other wiki can be divided into three main categories: content, community, and administration. This page is meant to focus exclusively on wiki content, and to be a one-stop shop for all our available content navigation features. Thus, it doesn't have a blog module, forum links (other than Writers' Showcase), or other stuff not directly related to this wiki's core content, but it does have some links that the main page does not.

I encourage you to look over this page, and if you ever see someone ask where to start on the wiki, this would be a good page to link them to.

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