To use a childish poetic notion, one of the fascinating things about photography is how sometimes it almost seems to create a whole world of its own. Recently, I've started going on Streetview tours of random places on Google Earth, and it feels like exploring a world of digitally simulated beings who inhabit their own time and space.
Photograph meme

Anyway, after reading through the stories in Photography, here are some that stood out.

1. Anomaly by Rembetis

2. Attachment: 1 Image by [TOPRamen]

3. Captured by L0CKED334

4. The Camera I Found by Surm

5. I Found a Digital Camera in the Woods by Unknown

6. Imperfect Copies by YawningLion

7. Lightning by alapanama

8. Rabbits in the Creek by Unknown

9. Satellite Images by SquidInk

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