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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 16 July 2019

One of my pastas appearing in an anthology with Neil Gaiman!

Howdy ho! 

Check this out, one of the first pastas I ever wrote The Abalone Thief is going to be in the anthology DARK TIDES with Neil Gaiman, Richard Chizmar, Ray Garton, Lisa Morton and a whole bunch of other "top names in the horror community"!

Pretty excited. This is the second anthology with Richard Chizmar I'm going to be in.

This is a charity anthology for the victims of the Virginia Beach shooting, so I'm not getting paid for this one, but it's still an honor and a great cause to support.

Pretty cool, huh?

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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 23 April 2019

Number One New Release in Horror Short Stories!!!

Hi guys! How's it going? It's been a while.

So, check this out. I released a collection of short stories this weekend. Some of my creepypastas, some stuff that had been published in magazines, anthologies and journals, and a bunch of brand new stuff. Hired the amazing Daniele Serra to do the cover (if you're not familiar with him, google him, he's done covers for Stephen King and Clive Barker among others!)

Had a big old internet party to celebrate, Shadow Swimmer, Empy, and Banning were among the guests.

Well, damn, if that book didn't just climb right up the Amazon charts and hit #1 New Release in Horror Short Stories!

Four days later and it's still holding! So fucking stoked to have that orange flag!!

Pretty cool, huh? Link: UNDER ROTTING SK…

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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 3 February 2019

IG Horror and Book Blog

Howdy everybody!

It's been a while, nice to see some new faces around here! Also nice to see some of my old friends, too. 

If you don't know me, well, hello, I'm Humboldt Lycanthrope, joker, funster, constant reader, horror fanatic, blood-thirty werewolf, creepypasta old timer and award-winning novelist and short story writer! How do you do? What you been up to? Know any good jokes?

Anyway, I've been doing this book and horror blog over on old Instagram. Follow me for some great pics and my thoughts on the hottest new books and horror. Humboldt Lycanthrope's bad ass, cool as shit IG account.

Check you guys later. Leave a comment on how the hell you are doing!

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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 9 October 2018

S'up Creepers?

Yo, it's been a while, thought I'd check in. How's everyone doing?

Got any cool projects, see any good movies, read any good books, got any good jokes?

I loved Hereditary. Good stuff. Slender Man fucking sucked, as was expected. They should have let one of us write the damn thing! Getting stoked for the new Halloween movie.

Want a truly terrible joke? My girlfriend asked me to hand her her lipstick. I accidentally handed her superglue. She hasn't talked to me since. Ouch!

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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 19 July 2018

Creepypasta Local Boy Done Does Good!

Just had to share this shit with you guys.

Take a look at that!

Kind Nepenthe is the #4 Bestseller in Horror. Damn. Can you fucking believe that? 

Okay, anyone hear any fucked up jokes lately?

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