Hi, everybody.

I'm starting a list of everyone here who has helped me, encouraged me, or just been a great friend over the past couple of years. Please tell me if I forgot someone or spelled your name wrong (sorry!), or if you want/don't want your real name included, or if you don't want to be included on the list.

Thanks. If I think of anyone else (I'm sure I will) I'll post it in the comments.

Also, if you want to talk shit, tell a joke, or engage in a pun war, be my fucking guest.

Okay, here's what I've got so far:

ShadowSwimmer77, Empyrealinvective aka Travis Kuhlman, Mr. Dupin, RuckusQuantum aka Charles Resurreccion, Jay Ten, Creepy Thomas O, Banningk1979 aka K. Banning Kellum, Blacknumber1 aka Michael Waight, Ameagle, Diexillius, JohnathanNash, Umbrello, Dr. Frank N. Furter, Tiololo/Rinskuro13, ChristianWallis, SoPretentious/TenebrousTorrent, Dorkpool, The Koromo, DerpySpaghetti, Doom Vroom, KillaHawke, Natalo, ShawnHowellsCP, GarbageFactory, SnakeTongue237, Underscorre, Raidra, Mmpratt99, Supersatan25, FrenchTouch, Rainboh, AGrimAuxiliatrix1, Hopefullygoodgrammar, Atonal Anthem, Spoopy Christie, RisingFusion, RomanRage, The Zog, HawkWD and ClericofMadness for starting this weird-ass place.

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