420 SALE!! Hey everybody, I wanted to let you know, my publisher has dropped the Kindle price of KIND NEPENTHE to $0.99 for only a couple days, so if you were thinking about grabbing a copy, it's a good time to do it.

Here's the Amazon link: [1]

"Riveting. Stephen King fans may have finally found a new favorite author in this haunting novel." --Best Thrillers

“Atmospheric, suspenseful, well-written. But be forewarned: You may not feel entirely whole when you come out the other side.” --The North Coast Journal

"Thoroughly suspenseful and haunting. Brockmeyer's unsettling tale has an effectively slow buildup to an intense boiling point. There's a perpetual edginess . . . grim, unsparing." --Kirkus Reviews

"Mesmerizing" --Horror News

"Had me turning the lights on because reading in the dark was too darned much for me. 5 out 5 stars." --The Nonstop Reader

“A fantastically well-constructed story.” --Stuart Conover, Hell Notes

You don't often come across a debut novel that is so unique in the horror field, one that speaks of scarred humanity so elegantly. For that reason alone, Kind Nepenthe deserves five stars. --Marvin Vernon, The Novel Pursuit

"This story has twists and turns that will be a true pulling factor for thriller readers everywhere. With a building suspense, this novel gets darker and darker as the pages turn. 4 out of 4 stars." --Online Book Club

"An ultramodern horror thriller that has something for everyone. Fantastic read and one that is highly recommended. This is a definite five out of five read." --Media Bitch

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