Let's all write a cliche pasta together!  Be as cliche as you want, BUT try to write as well as you can and be as imaginative as you can.  I guess I'll start. Continue the story in the comments section.

The New Laptop

It was raining when the new laptop was delivered. A bleak, dark day, the sky nothing but a black and gray swirl of nimbus clouds. Mikey had feigned illness to his mother that morning, wailing and moaning that he was sick with the flu and couldn’t go to school, so she had let him stay home that rainy day.

He was in his room, tapping a new creepypasta story into his computer, when the doorbell rang.

When he went to the front door and opened it there was a large albino man in brown coveralls with long, stringy white hair that was soaked and dripping with water. His red eyes were ringed with dark circles that stood out against his impossibly white skin.

Odd as he looked he seemed like a nice guy, with a big shit eating grin on his face, but Mikey couldn’t help but notice that his name tag simply read 666.

He handed Mikey the package and winked at him in an odd way, stating simply, “Enjoy, kid.” He then quickly strolled off towards his delivery van. The delivery company was one he didn’t recognize: Louie Cyphers Next Day.

Right away Mikey noticed that the box had been tampered with, ripped open and resealed with too much brown, paper packaging tape. And when he opened the box it gave off a foul odor and the black, crinkly, dried remains of what appeared to be some kind of plant matter fell out. It gave off the scent of some herb his Italian Grandmother used in her marinara sauce.

But, when Mikey opened his new lap top it looked shiny and new enough, still wrapped in cellophane and gleaming. He immediately went on line and started downloading games and everything seemed just fine.

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