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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 16 April 2018

I won a haunted doll. I'm not joking!

Tell me I'm not living a Creepypasta. I was at this online book release party for a splatter punk anthology called Guts and Gore. They're having little contests and giving away swag, signed books and stuff. I'm really just participating to show my support and having fun making jokes and talking shit, when I'm notified I've won a haunted doll. Check this thing out! So creepy. I'll let you know when I get it in the mail and whether strange things begin to happen.

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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 3 March 2018

I'll be on The Vanishing Gate podcast tonight, live video streaming.

Tonight, Saturday March 3, I will be on the pod cast Vanishing Gates live video streaming at 8:00 pm Pacific and 11:00 pm Eastern USA.

We'll be talking about ghosts, horror, writing and my novel KIND NEPENTHE.

Stop by and say hi! Ask me anything. I'm going to be getting drunk as hell!

Hope to see some CP peeps representing!

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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 27 February 2018

Horror writing class with Peter Straub and other stuff

Hey guys, how's it going?

So, I took that horror writing class I was telling you about. The one in Baltimore with Peter Straub: Borderlands Press Bootcamp. It was an intense workshop. Lectures on Friday, Saturday we worshopped with four different editors for two hours each, eight hours! Then, after dinner, a long lecture from Peter Straub, then we had to write a story based on a prompt and have it ready Sunday morning. More lectures Sunday after we read each other's stories. I was so fucking beat afterwards. But I'm working hard on this new novel and got a lot of great feedback. Mades some really cool friends, too.

Anyway, check out this cool picture of me and Peter Straub! What have you guys been up to? See any good movies? Read any good bo…

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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 17 November 2017

Novel Workshop with Peter Straub

Hey  guys. Pretty excited about this.

So, I'm working on a new novel, and thought I'd tell you about this novel-writing workshop I'm going to be taking in January.

It's the Borderlands Bootcamp and the instructor is famed horror writer Peter Straub of Ghost Story fame, among other huge bestsellers. I gotta go all the way to Baltimore, MD for the class. A haul and a pain in the ass, but fuck it, I get to work on my novel with Peter Straub!

It's five days long, very very intensive. Pretty exclusive, you had to apply and be accepted.  I got a discount because I'm a member of the Horror Writers Association. 

I just sent them the first thirty pages of my manuscript, which I would have liked more time to polish. But, that's how deadlines go.

Pretty c…

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HumboldtLycanthrope HumboldtLycanthrope 21 September 2017



FIRST PLACE: Harvest by Dgrady237 with a score of 66 out of 70.

SECOND PLACE: The Well, the Wheel, and Wilhelm by Creepy Thomas O. with a score of 65 out of 70

THIRD PLACE: Tranquility's Bounty by Noctevoire with a score of 64 out of 70

Greetings writers of the strange and horrific. It is my immense honor to be hosting a werewolf writing contest.

GUIDELINES: The term “werewolf” is used in the loosest of all possible senses here. Any shapeshifter, either real or metaphorical, will be accepted. From the traditional wolfman of horror movie fame to Native American skin walkers to Norse Berserker warriors draped in bearskin to those suffering from lycanthropy, a form of madness where one thinks they have transformed into …

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