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Jdeschene Jdeschene 1 October

Halloween Contest!

Hi friends!

I'm very pleased to share that I'll be co-judging a Halloween writing contest here on the wiki!

For more information, please see Cornconic's post here: User blog:Cornconic/2021 Halloween Writing Contest.

I really look forward to seeing your entries!

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Jdeschene Jdeschene 21 April

How to Know When You Shouldn't Post That Story

The opinions expressed in this blogpost are just that, opinions. Never take what you read online as gospel.

I see a lot of stories get posted that really shouldn't because they're a long way from ready. This isn't to say that they can never become ready. I truly believe any story can become post-worthy with the right amount of work and care. The problem seems to be that so many folks think it's a race to publish button and they're not taking the time to really craft and perfect their work. This only leads to disappointment and heartache for them when they story ultimately gets deleted (not to mention a lot of extra work for the folks who are tasked with reviewing and deleting their work). I'm hoping this guide will fall into the right …

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Jdeschene Jdeschene 30 July 2020

What Scares Me the Most

There is a certain quality that's shared by the stories that scare me the most.  The problem is that this quality is difficult as hell to describe.  It's kind of a "darkness beyond language."  I'm not sure if I could say it better than that.

Does anybody else have a feeling like this?  Can anyone else relate to this?

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Jdeschene Jdeschene 24 July 2020

I Just Wrote It Because I Was Bored

I'm seeing a lot of people try to justify bad or lazily written stories with statements like, "I just wrote it because I was bored," or "This was just" this or "only" that.  If that's the case for the story you wrote, great.  None of that means you should post what you wrote to the wiki.

What you post in a proper wiki article, as opposed to the Writer's Workshop, should be the best representation of your work that you can create at that moment.  A story that's ready for a permanent spot on the wiki will have taken effort to create, and probably at least a couple of drafts.  Devaluing your own work with statements like the ones I've mentioned is a great way to keep others from caring about it.  If someone comments on your story with suggesti…

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Jdeschene Jdeschene 4 July 2020

Where Our Minds Wander

I was talking to recently about where different writer's minds naturally go. I find the subject fascinating because it's a little glimpse into people's different lives and realities.

In light of this, I thought I'd conduct a little experience. Complete the following scenario. The exact number of words and level of detail you use is entirely up to do. All I ask is that you DON'T look at anyone else's response until you've made yours:

The sound was coming from behind the door. It sounded like _____. Slowly, she opened it, and _____.

I am really excited to see your responses!

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