I'm seeing a lot of people try to justify bad or lazily written stories with statements like, "I just wrote it because I was bored," or "This was just" this or "only" that.  If that's the case for the story you wrote, great.  None of that means you should post what you wrote to the wiki.

What you post in a proper wiki article, as opposed to the Writer's Workshop, should be the best representation of your work that you can create at that moment.  A story that's ready for a permanent spot on the wiki will have taken effort to create, and probably at least a couple of drafts.  Devaluing your own work with statements like the ones I've mentioned is a great way to keep others from caring about it.  If someone comments on your story with suggestions for improvement, and your response is something like, "Oh, well, I was just bored," you're telling that reader, "You just wasted your time and effort reading and critiquing my story because I care about it being good way less than you do."

The moral here is make sure that whatever you post to the wiki proper is putting its best foot forward.  If something you wrote isn't doing that, and you just tossed it off for no good reason, then post it to the Writer's Workshop.  Or better yet, scrap it and start working on something you care about.

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