La Bruja This story was two years in the makings and is very special to me. It began with my weekly visits with my grandmother. She used to love to tell stories, more than I could possibly count. Some were about when she was a little girl or tales of the "old days", but more than often she would spin tales like this one. She loved telling stories, the more scary the better.Together, we soon set about to create our own folk tale....hence the Bruja was born and her disturbing backstory came to be.

Last fall, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was gone in 4 months....Just like that. It is such a cruel disease. Anyways, it is one of my greatest regrets that I did not finish this before she passed. She would have been so proud. So, it is with a joyful heart that I dedicate this story to her and.....maybe......just maybe it will somehow reach her wherever she may be. Maybe she will get to hear my little story and remind her of the scary tales we both so love to hear and tell.

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