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La Bruja

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When I work on a new story or I am developing a new character I tend to do some graphics to help me get inspired. This particular lovely lady is the main character in a story I have been working on for quite some time called La Bruja. I have always wanted to do a Mexican folktale and this is my stab at one. The story goes, she was a powerful curandera who one day helps a little boy stung by a wasp. She places a cooling salve on his sting and the boy hops on his bike and cart and pedals away without a word to her annoyance. Later that night, she is betrayed by the corrupt township to the cartel who are threatened by her power. She is bound and thrown into an empty grave and just before they bury her alive, the little boy from earlier that day comes forward, removes a sack cloth from the cart attached to his bike and empties its contents on top of her....a giant wasp's nest. The lid to the coffin is sealed with angry wasp and the men begin to fill the grave. Her screams grown faint, but her last words could still be heard. She pledges herself to Santa Meurete and curses the village and all its children.

So that's my story. What about you? When looking at this picture, what story comes to mind? I'd love to hear your thoughts and would love even more to eventually see a story in the writer's workshop and then posted to the Wiki.

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