aka Derek

  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is Engineer
  • I am Male
  • KillaHawke1

    It started off as a brief blurb in an entirely separate story just to add character development, and it became a new story by itself. It was humorous and witty and added a unique and new take on the zombie apocalypse. I am extremely happy to see my first story narration cross the 100 Views mark. I know, I know. It isn't that many people, but it is still a good feeling that at least 100 people saw something I created and hopefully got a laugh from it!

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  • KillaHawke1

    A Thanksgiving warning that may save you a lot of pain and grief.

    Do not eat until you feel like you are going to burst! KillaHawke1 (talk) 23:16, November 26, 2015 (UTC)

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  • KillaHawke1

    A Demon and her Riddles

    November 6, 2015 by KillaHawke1

    I always find it quite interesting to learn where a story comes from; what circumstance brought it into existence. "What Is Your Pleasure?" and its origin is not particularly too interesting. I was inspired from another fellow's story and his comments for his plot. He wanted to write about something that was truly uncomfortable and disturbing to himself. His story was about God, and like most stories of that nature, that will most likely do it if you want disturbing. However, that gave me the idea for this cool little story.

    Spoiler Alert If you haven't read What Is Your Pleasure take a moment before continuing. I don't want you to ruin the fun. It is really short and you might like it.

    When I was a boy, my family was one of those good'ole f…

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  • KillaHawke1

    I'm a bit disappointed I found out about this one a day late, but nonetheless I feel the need to pay tribute. In honor of National Cat Day, I dedicate my page today to:

    The cat who puts the "cat" into catastrophe!
    The feline of fear!
    The "other" survivor of the Nostromo!
    Jones the cat!

    Being obsessed with the movie Alien, having snuck out to the living room at 1 AM to watch it when I was a boy, Jones is a distinct reminder of that time. A time when the Alien and it's design and concept were new and fresh and it truly did invoke feelings of dread in its audience, but also gave us a sense of awe. Do your remember the very first scene when the Derelict ship or when the Space Jockey was revealed? The rapid build up of the errie music that ended wit…

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  • KillaHawke1

    The Zombie Apocalypse Sucks

    A Creepypasta that is funny? Blasphemy! I'm sorry, I had to do it. But to give me some credit, this story started out very differently. It was a concept that I will eventually get put out because it is a scenario that I have never heard of, very realistic, and chilling.

    So, this Texas tale began simply with just a tiny exert for character development and it grew and grew. It slowly transformed from amusing to something I genuinely thought was humorous. It is basically a series of Texan stereotypes, helped along by its rich history of a love for tall tales that are the root of this story, with a total lack of seriousness. The other story was very dark, but I could not find a way for this character to come out on to…

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